A rosé and food Instagram podcast, starring Elizabeth Gabay MW and Sumita Sarma.

We talk about pink drinks and food from a unique angle. With our interest in vegan and vegetarian food, and influences from Asia and around Europe, we have a new and dynamic twist on flavours.

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Our episodes

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Elizabeth Gabay MW

Liz is a well known MW and celebrity in the drinks trade and consumer world for her work on rosé and the wines of the Medieterranean and Central Europe. She is based in south east France on the Provence-Piedmont border. The author of definitive guide to rosé ‘Rosé: Understanding the Pink Wine Revolution’, she is the president of the International Rosé Championship.


Sumita Sarma

Sumi is an upcoming entrant, a vivacious and enthusiastic presenter and a communicator with over 7 years in the UK Wine Trade and presentsher own Sumilier Talkies on YouTube. She is a Board member and Treasurer for Circle of Wine Writers. Her work in London started off as a Radio Wine Producer and Presenter for South Waves Radio (speech, drama and arts radio) which she made into podcasts later. Wine communications apart from technical number crunching is a skill she is comfortable with.